The show began as the ‘Soul Cellar’ on 8th June 2004 on Solar Radio. Each week on a Tuesday evening between 6 – 8pm (GMT) the show featured two hours of rare grooves and modern soul flavours from the 70s and 80s, with the occassional trip into the decades on either side. The final show under the name of the ‘Soul Cellar’ was number 250 on 17th March 2009, replaced by a new show under the ‘Rare grooves modern soul’ title. On 1st January 2012 the show moved to a brand new time of 8 – 10am (GMT) on a Sunday morning and on 19th September 2012 moved back to an evening slot on a Wednesday from 8 – 10pm (GMT). The final Wednesday night show was 30th July 2014.

As so many people seemed to listen to the podcast rather than the radio show live, from October 2014 I decided to start podcasting again. These shows are a radio style format, weekly(ish), shorter at around 80 minutes and maybe a little be more eclectic than the radio show on Solar. I hope you enjoy the new format.

About Me

I got interested in soul music at the beginning of 80s, living in Essex there was plenty of local gigs to further the education. Normal life, work, moving to London, mortgages, etc took me away from things for a number of years, but I eventually started buying music again in the mid 90s when I moved back to Essex.

I don’t see myself a DJ or presenter as such, like so many of the listeners to the show, I am nothing more than a ‘punter’ who is never happier than when I am listening to the music.

As a presenter on Solar I work on a volunteer basis, sponsoring my own show on the station and financing the website out of my own pocket. That way I get to pick the music I want to play and share my selection of quality soul music with like minded people.

The Website

The idea for the website came about after so many requests from listeners wanting playlists for the show. I thought it would nice to offer the playlist together with an MP3 of the show. I started podcasting in July 2005 and recently updated the site.

A special thanks must go out to Keir Whitaker, who’s knowledge and skills have made the site possible.

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