Website closed

Please note this website is now closed.

The last 13+ years have been fun and I would like to thank you for your support.

The shows continues on Mixcloud

Mixcloud downloader does provide a solution for off-line listening

Artist/Title playlists are contained within each Mixcloud show, a more detailed playlist can be found on my RGMS Facebook page

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11 Responses to Website closed

  1. Bruh, for the past 10 years you have been my goto for sample selections. I am a hip hop producer from the bay area with production on Livewire member Shady Nate and Brody loc. BLegit actually loved a slap i did after going thru ur list every saturday. PLEASE drop the LIST on MixCloud. I tried it out but I couldnt find a copy / paste option for the playlist. If u know who Dam Funk is then u kno how i approach the sample chop, Dam is my older cousin. Go check me out

    Email me anytime G……much respect, will be missed

  2. steve says:

    Thanks always enjoyed your podcasts, it will be sad day who else can i turn to for great music every week while driving my taxi around London. cheers

  3. Jeffrey Emerson says:

    Sad news indeed. I have looked forward to the podcast every week, and there just isn’t anything else out there that can replace it. But I understand your decision, and thanks so much for all the great songs you provided us!

  4. Anna Skoog says:

    I will miss you, tanks for the last teen years. Respect

  5. rob h says:

    Hi Paul

    Any chance there’ll be a playlist on mixcloud?

    Thanks for introducing me to so many unknown tunes over the years.

  6. Borja says:

    Hi Paul, this is Borja, from Bilbao, part of the Soulero Bilbao Soul Club Crew and one of all those who have been listening to your show every week. The music from this shows was so easy for me too use while working, while relaxing, while walking,… love them. Would be nice if you just stop this web if you really want, but don’t close it, leave it there so we can check old programs and new ones whenever we want. Also nice including the playlist, very little do it and it’s always nice to listen to something new and knowing who it is, specially for those of us who don’t have a very good english and lots of times don’t understand. Thanks for your music.

  7. Jane says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for all your shows over the years, which have introduced me to so much music I knew nothing about. I will continue listening via Mixcloud next year.
    Best wishes for a merry christmas & a peaceful new year. Thanks again for all your great work over the years. Stay soulful. Jane

  8. Dom says:

    Thanks Paul for archiving your radio show [with downloads and track-listing] over the years!

    I’ve been listening to your show on-and-off since 2011? You’re mixes are the gold standard for soul, in my opinion – (but it’s true)!

    I’ve discovered so many extraordinary songs from listening to your show and always look forward to each and every episode that I’ve heard or haven’t heard.

    So glad to hear that this is not the end.

  9. Glyn Davies says:

    I first came across your show on solar radio and I loved it from the start. You have introduced me to so many great songs. I just want to repeat what Borja said even if you stop the web don’t close it because there is still so many shows in the archive I want to listen to. All the best.

  10. paulcollins says:

    Thanks for the kind words, if people are interest in still seeing the playlists I may keep that side of the site running, but unfortunately the downloadable archive audio files will go. The Mixcloud files will remains as they are stored directly through their platform

  11. MARCELO says:

    Hi Paul, tanks for the all music in last ten years!!

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