584-Rare grooves & modern soul flavours (Tribute to Paul Thrower)


Paul Thrower sadly passed away last week, he was a wonderful man, kind, witty and extremely knowledgeable about soul music with a willingness to share this knowledge with everyone. Paul was a guest on my show on many occasions and brought so many laughs and new (to me) tunes each time. By way of a tribute to Paul I have dedicated this show to him and chosen a selection of records he played over the years as both a thank you and an acknowledgement to his unbelievably good ear for soul music.
Rest In Peace Paul

  1. Cleveland Robinson – Somebody To Love ~ Nosnibor
  2. Billy Sha-Rae – Crying Clown (1971) ~ Spectrum
  3. Brad Lundy – (I’m At) The Breaking Point ~ Lundy
  4. Edwin Starr – I’ll Never Forget You (1976) ~ Granite
  5. Chuck and Mariann – Lets Walk Down The Street Together (1968) ~ Rampart
  6. Jo Ann Garrett – One Woman (1968) ~ Duo
  7. Patty Stokes – Is It True? (1967) ~ Mir-A-Don
  8. Marvell Love – Gotta Have Love (1975) ~ Shei
  9. New Birth – Fallin’ In Love (1976) ~ Warner Bros.
  10. Margie Alexander – It’s Worth A Whippin’ (1976) ~ Chi-Sound
  11. Priscilla Price – Only Yesterday (1973) ~ GeNEVA
  12. Laura Lee – I Can’t Make It Alone (1974) ~ Invictus
  13. The Temptations – Smooth Sailing (From Now On (1972) ~ Tamla Motown
  14. Ortheia Barnes – I’ve Never Loved Nobody (Like I Love You) (1967) ~ Coral
  15. Rita Wright – Something On My Mind (1967) ~ Gordy
  16. Tony & Lynn – I’m Hip To You Baby (1968) ~ Blue Rock
  17. Gladys Knight & The Pips – I Wish It Would Rain (1968) ~ Motown
  18. Shirley Walton – The Only One You Can’t Have All By Yourself (1969) ~ Enterprise
  19. Barbara Lewis – Ask The Lovely (1969) ~ Enterprise
  20. Dale Darby – Lets Got It Together (1977) ~ Westgate
  21. The Invitations – We Don’t Allow (No Sitting Down In Here) (1977) ~ Red Greg
  22. Hot Ice – It’s Time To Leave The Disco (1977) ~ Rage
  23. The Delfonics – He Don’t Really Love You (1971) ~ MOJo
  24. Debbie Taylor – I Have Learned To Do Without You (1973) ~ Polydor
  25. Irene Scott – Everyday Worries (1969) ~ Midas
  26. Jo Jo And The Outcast – Why Baby ~ Sound-O-Riffic
  27. The Magnificent Men – By The Time I Get To Phoenix (1968) ~ Capitol

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6 Responses to 584-Rare grooves & modern soul flavours (Tribute to Paul Thrower)

  1. Matt Fox says:

    Wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. Great but sad show, really enjoyed Paul’s choices. He was a true soul connoisseur … will miss him!

  2. Richard Amirault says:

    Hmmm …. the RSS feed for this episode does not have a link to the file.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Richard, the original file was corrupt so I had to delete and replace it, should be okay now

  4. Stuart Bourne says:

    Hi Paul
    Can’t believe it what a sad loss to our wonderful music a true pioneer and always played some great tunes, with as you say a great sense of humour. Paul Thrower will be truly, truly missed. Great tribute!


  5. Graham Higgins says:

    Condolences, I enjoyed his shows when he guested. Had great taste in music.

  6. Keith Jenkins says:

    what a shame, I knew Paul in the early days, when he put his 12″ minilites on his metallic green ford escort 1300 and off up to Wigan casino of a Saturday morning. he was golden even in those days (’73?). smooth dancer too woohoo, I thought I could hear some banging northern soul really rocking the house ‘upstairs’ and was just looking for him as he’d know what was going on. just missed him. but he had obviously found a mains socket,. GOOD BOY, keep it going. we knew each other. that’s a good thing.

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